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​What can we do about this? If too much negative energy is directed toward the problem, people become fearful about talking about pornography, and the negativity can stigmatize those who use pornography. There is a great deal of concern about the shame that exists around the problem of pornography use, and rightly so.

​The flip side of the coin, however, in recognizing that porn use is not uncommon, is that too often people will minimize the problem. “Well, everyone is using it, and since most men in the Church are using it, and most men seem happy and fine, it must not be that big of a deal.” With this mindset, people might tend to keep their pornography problems to themselves — staying in a state of isolation and secrecy — two of the “perfect storm” variables that can turn a bad habit into a full-blown addiction.

But even beyond increasing the risk of addiction, secrecy and isolation rob people of the sweetest experiences that can come from finding support from others and accessing the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Hope and Healing, this website, is about not just avoiding the worst problems that pornography can bring to a life and to a marriage. We see many trying to convince themselves that if they don’t have a full-blown addiction, they are fine. We want to invite people to learn more not just about avoiding full-blown addiction, but, more importantly, we hope to invite people to understand more about the hope for healing that is real. We believe as more people experience and share the amazing joy and freedom that come from living a life in honesty, humility, and reliance on God, shame and fear will have no choice but to take a back seat in our culture.

In reality, none of us can fully rely on God or access all that the Savior’s Atonement makes possible when we hide our weaknesses and sins from ourselves, God, and others. Those in addiction recovery understand this perhaps better than almost anyone. As such, it’s such a joy to share recovery stories here.

The following guest post is by Howard, who shares some of his thoughts on how recovery has helped him overcome both shame and dishonesty that hurt him, his relationship with God, his relationship with his spouse, and his relationships with others. The peace and joy he is discovering is what awaits any of us who are willing to look at our fallen, human selves with courage and honesty.

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