By: Tracey Ferrin, MCH Columnist
Clear Lake City, Texas USA
Talk about porn with your children. The “sex” chats are a norm in our home. If talking about SEX makes your kids feel uncomfortable, talk about it even more. And if it makes YOU as a parent uncomfortable talk about it MORE. It made me and the kids uncomfortable at first but over time not so much. Even as an adult we need to hear things over and over and over for things to stick or click with us. And even when something does, we need a reminder. This is why talking about it early and often is vital.

​Either the world will teach our children about it and in the wrong way. Or we as parents can take the lead and teach them the truth about it. This way they understand it from a more mature perspective then a peers.

Kids need to understand how watching porn kills the reality of true love and distorts it. It can be an addiction that leads to broken homes and broken spirits. It leads to lack of respect for others and self. It leads to lack of self control and low self esteem. And it also leads to very SERIOUS SEX CRIMES. It can be as addictive as drugs. There are support groups for this kind of thing.

It should not be taken lightly or brushed under the rug. It should not be classified as a “normal” part of life.

​And in my home we teach that sex is NOT a bad thing. I believe too many Christians teach this topic WRONG. I can’t tell you how many Christians I know have said they thought it was a bad thing so when they got married and it was OK, it felt wrong or made them very uncomfortable.

It is a wonderful thing between a man and woman who are married. Those are my beliefs. So we teach our children that it is wonderful but only when they are married.

​There is a lot of research out there that talks about why people view it and and the terrible side effects. Please if you have kids go educate yourself on this. Our children are being exposed to it at an earlier age as time goes on.

Don’t wait till it is too late. Don’t let your own uncomfortableness get in the way of loving your kids. They are worth it and they are worth knowing the truth.

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