The First Presidency released a letter today expanding the opportunities for senior service missionaries.

Senior service mission assignments were previously available only to those who live in the United States and Canada. These missionaries live at home and serve for eight to 40 hours a week for a minimum of six months. They engage in service that can lead to deep spiritual fulfillment. Their local stake president continues to be their ecclesiastical leader.

“We are deeply grateful for the faithful service of senior missionaries around the world and for the significant contributions they make in building the kingdom of God,” the letter from the First Presidency says.

The Church’s 20,000-plus senior service missionaries help people come closer to God and feel His love in many ways. They assist in mission offices, bishops’ storehouses, distribution centers, FamilySearch centers and libraries, self-reliance programs, BYU–Pathway, employment centers, and many other places. Opportunities for senior missionary service, both at home and away from home, were shared in a recent update to Chapter 24 of the General Handbook.

Thousands of senior service missionary opportunities are currently available. For example, in February 2021, senior service missionaries began to be called and assigned to serve in the Church’s temples in the United States and Canada to perform non-ordinance work. They will fill roles previously carried out by temple volunteers.

Additional details about senior service missionary opportunities can be found in this letter and enclosure from the First Presidency.



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