The 20 year old young man who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was killed in Las Vegas Shooting last Sunday.

Jessica Contrera told the Washinton Post that Robbins was in a date with her girlfriend when he was shot at a Jason Aldean concert.

“When Robbins first clutched his chest, his girlfriend thought something was wrong with his sugar levels,” she told his grandmother. “They were on a date at a Jason Aldean concert. They hadn’t been together for very long, but she knew he had diabetes and thought he might need his insulin. She didn’t yet realize that a bullet had torn through his body.”

Robbins was the oldest of three children, he was a student at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, where he was considering going to dental school. He was also an avid athlete. To read more about Robbins and the victims of the Las Vegas shooting visit Washington Post.

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Josh Flores is a writer for Moroni Channel. He studies commercial law at De La Salle University and served his mission in Japan.
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