As the month of January comes to a close, 3 Latter-day Saint missionaries had died in this month alone.

At the start of the year, on the 1st of January, a Nigerian missionary had died due to a sudden health episode (not related to COVID) and was taken to the hospital. Elder Iseh had been serving in the Nigeria Lagos Mission since May 2019 and he died at the age of 20.

After a few days, another missionary passed away in Arkansas due to a car accident. According to the Church, four young missionaries were involved in the accident and the other three were injured but are expected to recover. Unfortunately Elder Smith, 19, tragically passed away. He had been serving as a missionary since August 2019.

Another missionary died this 28th of January in Haiti. In a statement released by the Church, Elder Dortilus was admitted to the hospital due to undisclosed health complications before passing away. It is still unclear whether the 24-year-old missionary died due to COVID-19.

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