BYU-PathwayConnect, an online curriculum developed by the church-sponsored BYU-Idaho, is finally introduced to South Korea. This program is designed to support Church members who can’t go abroad to study but still get the benefits of an American education.

On March 21st, the BYU-PathwayConnect information meeting was held online through Zoom. Under the supervision of Elder Kwon Young-joon of the Seventy, Brother Hyun-Seok Cho and Brother Yun-Seok Gil of the Independent Welfare Service, they held an introduction and question-and-answer sessions about the said program. More than 180 members attended.

Elder Kwon Young-joon delivered the following message. “BYU-PathwayConnect is a kind of’BYU version of Broadcasting and Communication University’. Even if you don’t go to the United States, you can benefit from an American university education at a very low cost. This program allows us to learn English, earn certificates and degrees, and connect with other students. Or it may simply satisfy a righteous desire to learn. Please be aware of this great opportunity, and if it helps you, take the courage to take it. We hope to be able to actively exercise our agency in choosing the best.”

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