The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has worked with Second Harvest Japan to deliver food to single-parents and low-income households in Okinawa. This is the second time in the island that these two organizations have carried out activities to deliver food to people in need.

In June of this year, with the aim to help people affected by COVID-19, North Area President Elder Takashi Wada sent 5.3 million Yen to Charles McZilton, the CEO of Second Harvest Japan. At that time, Charles and his team were planning a food drive in Okinawa and was looking for a partner.

Right after the partnership was formed, the Okinawa Stake Presidency then reached other stakes and provided a meeting place in the city, More than 20 church volunteers showed up and helped with the food drive.

In addition to it, the Okinawa Stake Presidency established a relationship with an organization that is involved in helping single-parent families and children in Okinawa. They donated approximately 530,000 yen worth of rice as part of the new coronavirus countermeasure project.

“Second Harvest Japan was experimentally conducted in July, August and September in Okinawa, and after seeing the reaction, if the needs are really high, we will continue to have dedicated staff in Okinawa as a food bank. Up until now, the church has provided food at several church buildings and volunteers in Tokyo in partnership with Second Harvest Japan, but now with the cooperation of the Okinawa Stake. It will also be carried out in Naha, Okinawa, and Itoman Ward in Okinawa,” said Brother Kojima.

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