Editor’s Note: While Moroni Channel does not endorse nor express our political view, we found that this discussion is relevant and interesting to the Mormon community.​Salt Lake City A Plain City man is trying to convince the Republican National Committee to launch a national write-in campaign for Mitt Romney as president of the United States by starting a petition on

“At this late date there is no candidate other than former Governor Mitt Romney who has the name recognition, campaign experience, known personal values, and proven executive qualifications with a reasonable chance of winning enough votes to be elected President by way of such a dramatic and historically significant campaign,” Lacy wrote in the petition. “Only if the Republican National Committee (RNC) launches an immediate national write-in campaign for Mitt Romney as President does the Republican Party have a hope of keeping Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton from being elected President.”

Mark Thomas, director of elections with the lieutenant governor’s office said at this point in the election, even if the petition got one million signatures, it won’t make a difference.

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