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Salt Lake City UT
​A Utah multimillionaire’s dream for what he calls “new age green communities” in Provo, in Vermont near the birthplace of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith and eventually all over the world has stirred bitter opposition from neighbors in two states according to Deseret News The church released the following statements:

​”This is a private venture and is not associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in any way. The church makes no judgment about the scientific, environmental or social merits of the proposed developments. However, for a variety of reasons, we are not in favor of the proposal.”

David Hall is an inventor-businessman, his plans is to create a mega-utopia in Vermont and in Provo, yet the the foundation is recieving a lot of thumbs-down.

“Only if it’s the best solution,” Hall said. “Then it can spread to the whole world.”

​But in rural Vermont, where Hall’s NewVistas Foundation has been buying up land, the “city of the future” is getting a firm thumbs-down from neighbors, not unlike it has in Provo according to Deseret News.

“I don’t know where he’s coming from,” said Storm Woodard, who lives nearby, “but that’s not gonna happen in Vermont.”

Ingrid Van Steamburg, whose husband’s Vermont dairy farm is close to some of the land Hall bought, is also opposed.

“I really worry about what it will do to the area, and how it will change our way of life,” Van Steamburg said. “Our lives as we know it, or as my husband’s family has known it for the last hundred years, wouldn’t be the same if all those people were just over the hill.”

In the rolling farms and picturesque villages of Vermont, signs protesting the NewVistas project are visible alongside many roads, especially near the birthplace of Joseph Smith.

​The NewVista project is based solely on that model according to DailyUV

According to DailyUV the following list of properties are already owned by NewVista Foundation

​​In Sharon:
159 Town Farm Rd, house and 15 acres, $325,000
117 Clifford Farm Rd, house and 20.6 acres, $335,000
2293 Fay Brook Rd, house and 123.6 acres, $475,000
116 Clifford Farm Rd, 2 acres, $30,000
1631 Clifford Farm Rd, houses with farm equipment and 159.14 acres, $1,350,000

In Strafford:
1631 Clifford Farm Rd, 239.86 acres (part of the Sharon purchase)

In Tunbridge:
1631 Clifford Farm Rd, 50 acres (part of the Sharon purchase)
113 Spring Rd, 63 acres, $140,000
76 Button Hill Rd, 110 acres, $145,000
200 Button Hill Rd, house and 79.7 acres, $265,000

In Royalton:
171 Chelsea Street, house and 0.25 acres, $185,000
180 Sugar Hill Rd, house and 10.2 acres, $350,000

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