Abuse represents the adversary’s influence and is a heinous sin, President Russell M. Nelson declared during the Saturday morning session of the October 2022 general conference.

“As President of the Church, I affirm the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ on this issue. Let me be perfectly clear: Any kind of abuse of women, children or anyone is an abomination to the Lord.

“He grieves and I grieve whenever anyone is harmed. He mourns, and we all mourn, for each person who has fallen victim to abuse of any kind. Those who perpetrate these hideous acts are not only accountable to the laws of man, but will also face the wrath of Almighty God.

“For decades now, the Church has taken extensive measures to protect — in particular — children from abuse. There are many aids on the Church website,” President Nelson said.

“I invite you to study them. These guidelines are in place to protect the innocent.”

President Nelson continued: “I urge each of us to be alert to anyone who might be in danger of being abused and to act promptly to protect them. The Savior will not tolerate abuse, and as His disciples, neither can we.”

Marriage Relationships

President Nelson was not the only Church leader to address abuse during the general conference held in October 2022.

Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught about the unity that results from true partnership and the fulfillment of divine responsibilities in marriage.

“The patriarchal pattern entails that wives and husbands are accountable directly to God for the fulfillment of their sacred responsibilities in the family. … These special responsibilities do not imply hierarchy and absolutely exclude any kind of abuse or improper use of authority,” Elder Soares said in the Saturday afternoon session.

Women of the Church

Sister Kristin M. Yee, who began serving as the second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency on August 1, spoke during the Saturday afternoon session about the importance of forgiving others as part of imitating Christ.

Sister Yee used the story of David, Nabal, and Abigail from the book of Samuel to illustrate the principles of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Her candor about her experience provided an authentic backdrop for teaching about the difficulties of forgiving others and the peaceful resolution that results from acknowledging that the Savior “claimed these sins” of those who caused pain.

“The Savior — in an incomprehensible way — [took] upon Him our sins and the sins of those who have hurt or offended us,” she said.

Those who are still in abusive relationships are not required to remain in them, she stressed. Please understand that forgiving someone does not include putting yourself in a position to continue to be wounded.

Sister Yee stated that in her quest to forgive and find peace, she strengthened her testimony of Jesus Christ and the power He possesses as the Savior.

“I came to realize in a profound way that the same Son of God who atoned for my sins, is the same Redeemer who will also save those who have deeply hurt me.”


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