Wildfires are spreading rapidly through Northern California on Wednesday, forcing the neighborhood to evacuate to safety.

CNN reported that more than 300,000 acres have been burned, one of which authorities suspect was caused by arson. One firefighter has already died, a helicopter pilot who was dropping water on a blaze. There are currently 23 major fires and a total of about 367 across the state.

Several Latter-day Saints are also counted among those fleeing their homes, the Church confirms.

“Many families in our stake have been evacuated,” Vacaville California Stake President Howard Haynes told the Church News. “I’m not aware of anyone in physical danger, but I know several families fear that their homes have been lost. It’s hard to know for sure because they have not been allowed yet to return to their homes.”

According to President Haynes, there are 5 wards in the Vacaville stake, and they have everybody checking on the members and reporting any problems. He also confirmed that two of the three meetinghouses are in evacuated neighborhoods.

President Haynes’ family is among those who fled Wednesday after the Police told them to evacuate. The neighboring Fairfield California Stake, on the other hand, is on high alert and ready for evacuation in the event of shifting winds.

Moroni Channel will provide more details as the story continues to develop.

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