There was some commotion Friday night due to police activities at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Rexburg.

Around 5:45 o’clock, the Rexburg Police Department received a call concerning a suspicious box in front of the fence beside the parking lot’s east entrance.

According to Assistant Police Chief Gary Hagen, police put up yellow tape, escorted individuals out of the building, and redirected traffic as a safety measure. According to him, the bomb squad from the Idaho Falls Police Department was called in to investigate.

About ten minutes later, they discovered it to be a box of road flares, which are frequently used by police enforcement to guide traffic in emergency circumstances at night. The flares’ look, according to Hagen, may be mistaken for dynamite.

Hagen thinks someone put the flares in front of the building so they could be found readily after they fell out of a car’s trunk.

Hagen claims that the box wasn’t positioned in a way that would have been particularly effective if it had been an explosive device.

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