Manila Philippines Temple has an amazing story unknown by others. Here are 7 facts about the temple:

1st Fact:
The Manila Philippines Temple was the first temple built in the Philippines and the second built in Asia.

2nd Fact
The street where the Manila Philippines Temple is located was renamed to Temple Drive during the temple’s construction.

3rd Fact
A typhoon approached Manila the day before the groundbreaking of the Manila Philippines Temple, creating concern that the event would be postponed. At a mission conference that evening, a missionary prayed for the weather to cooperate so that the groundbreaking could continue. The typhoon changed direction that night, and the groundbreaking proceeded as planned.

4th Fact
Nearly 27,000 toured the interior of the Manila Philippines Temple during its 13-day open house held prior to its dedication.

5th Fact
The days prior to the dedication of the Manila Philippines Temples saw several natural disasters in the Philippines including two typhoons, the eruption of Mayon volcano on Bicol Peninsula, and an earthquake in northern Luzon. The temple remained unaffected.

6th Fact
The Manila Philippines Temple was dedicated in nine sessions by President Gordon B. Hinckley, Second Counselor in the First Presidency.

7th Fact
On Sunday, December 3, 1989, the grounds of the Manila Philippines Temple were overtaken as the last rebel stronghold in an attempted military coup to overthrow the government. A planned attack by royal troops that evening was miraculously called off. Nevertheless, prior conflict had left the patron housing facility extensively damaged, the temple annex with minor damage, and the temple proper unentered and unharmed except for a single bullet hole at the top of the highest spire. Six mortar or rocket shells had exploded on the grounds, some even passing between the spires.

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