Years after the Cebu Philippines Temple was dedicated, a woman visiting Cebu Philippines for vacation saw an intriguing Bubble like force field around the Latter-day Saint temple.

According to President Schmutz, “the woman stood up in her hotel window taking pictures for her Instagram of the city view of Cebu not far from the Temple. After looking at her photos, the camera amazed her greatly. The camera was seeing something that she couldn’t see.” She later went back to the balcony and took more photos, and the same phenomenon happened.

She was so intrigued to know more about the temple and what is it about. She called a taxi to see the temple. She arrived at the mission office and asked what the building was for. She then showed her photos to Sister E, the office manager.

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Posted by Erlwin Abanggan on Sunday, March 18, 2018

The photo showed several close-ups, night view, day view, and the photo where the bubble is visible. Some of her photos show a different variety of a ‘bubble-like forcefield’, In some it was large, others were just covering Angel Moroni.

“It was certainly astonishing, and though it may be explicable through some sort of law of physics or light refraction process, it was nonetheless provocative,” said President Schmutz.

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