Temple Square released the following photos and updates on the Salt Lake Temple renovation project.

The excavation to create a tunnel underneath North Temple is underway. This tunnel will connect the Conference Center parking lot to the underground temple entrance to create safer and easier access for visitors to the temple. Previously, canopy tubes were installed at the upper perimeter of the tunnel to provide a support frame before drilling and excavation began. The excavation is now about halfway complete.

The worker and material lift continue to be assembled. Workers are now constructing scaffolding bridges that will connect the lift to the scaffolding, which will surround the entire temple. The lift will provide access to the various floors of the temple.

The work to remove the current temple roof and provide a temporary cover is about halfway through.

The Church Office Building Plaza has undergone a significant change. Most of the area surrounding the fountain has been excavated in preparation for significant restructuring and landscaping work.

A construction road made of recycled asphalt has been completed through the Church Office Building Plaza area from North Temple to South Temple to accommodate the movement of construction equipment and large trucks.

Aerial view of Salt Lake Temple Renovation, with focus on the area north of the temple. The square-shaped excavation on the right side of the picture is where the foundation for another tower crane will be placed.

More updates on the Temple Square renovations will be published on Moroni Channel as soon as information is made available to us.

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