U.S. First Lady, Jill Biden, visited Utah on Wednesday, May 5, and met with President Jean B. Bingham, General President of the Relief Society.

“It’s a challenge, wherever we are, to make sure that every child gets the education that they need. Utah is one of the places that are really striving to make sure that that happens. I think this just gives it a little bit of a boost to emphasize how important education for children, youth, and adults is in Utah,” President Bingham told the Deseret News.

In the interview, President Bingham admits that she admires the first lady for her focus on education, “throughout her life, despite all the other things that have happened in her life. She could’ve said ‘I’m done,’ but she has continued to champion education, and so I’m impressed with her.”

“We believe that the glory of God is intelligence, and the more we learn, the better off we are. And that’s one of the things that I really appreciate about people who spend their time, give their time, educating others, and helping them to become all that they can be,” President Bingham said.

“Education should not be a political issue. It is a personal issue, it is a humanitarian response to helping everyone to develop to their full potential,” she said.

Press release by the Deseret News

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