By: Ilyan Kei Lavanway, Moroni Channel
Rockledge Florida, USA


A new age movement has been gaining popularity throughout the world since 1986, promoted by a couple named Jerry and Esther
Hicks. Have you ever heard of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction? Do you know what Abraham-Hicks really are? They call
themselves Abraham. Esther Hicks is their medium. They are spirits who will never be born into bodies of flesh and bones. That
means they are among the one third who did not keep their first estate.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, the spirits of the entire human family pertaining to this earth had a great war in premortal life.
Premortal life is often called our first estate. Mortal life is our second estate.

​One third of all of this earth’s human spirits rebelled against the plan of freedom, the eternal plan that grants us individual agency to
choose our eternal destiny. The two thirds who were victorious retained the right to be born into mortal life and are assured an eternal
resurrection into immortality after our mortal life is completed.

The one third who were defeated forfeited their birthright. They cannot ever be born, and so they cannot ever be resurrected. They are condemned to remain unembodied spirits forever.

They say they are creators who chose to remain in their non-physical form (unembodied spirits) to “help” us. They claim to be
“creators” and “co-creators.” They seem to have detailed knowledge that appears miraculously insightful and uplifting to us.
There is an explanation for that. Firstly, they are not creators or co-creators. If they ever were, they long ago forfeited such status
when they were exiled to Earth.

They are demons and devils confined to the earth, and they seek nothing but the deception and destruction of the two thirds. You and
I are among the two thirds. Every person who has ever or will ever be born on this earth is among the two thirds.

Secondly, they do not have a veil drawn over their minds. The one third remember everything we all once knew in our premortal life.
The two thirds who have been born into mortal life have forgotten our life before birth.

We cannot remember the one third, but they remember everything about us – our strengths and weaknesses, our fears and frailties, and what tempts us and entices us. They intimately know and exploit all of this, disguising themselves as altruistic entities. They are the express opposite of altruistic. Don’t get sucked into their vortex.

The more I learn, the more I am convinced that the Law of Attraction is a Luciferian notion and a counterfeit of the Lord’s Law of the

The Law of Attraction cleverly tries to include, but in reality summarily dismisses, many significant details, such as the sanctifying
effects of enduring adversity, and the divine principles of repentance and recompense and individual accountability and personal
worthiness. It is centered on self and what feels good. It dismisses the identity and the role of God by using the term “source.”

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