By: Tracey Ferrin, Moroni Channel
Clear Lake City Texas, USA


You would think by now that I would have it figured out.

​I really like that quote that says, ” if you find yourself a bit irritated or overwhelmed it’s a sign you are not spending enough time with God and too much time with the world.”

It’s really true for me in my life. I tend to let my scripture study and prayer slide from time to time. When it does I find myself with less patience, easily overwhelmed, stressed out, and ready to snap

But then I remember that it doesn’t have to be this way. Being that way is a CHOICE. And when I turn to my Heavenly Father and ask for HIS help, He ALWAYS gives it. When I am doing the things I should be and asking for His help daily, I can distinctively feel a difference in my life. My heart is at peace. My mind is clear and open to receive knowledge. I am more in tune with the spirit which allows me to be a better person and help others better. I am happier and more grateful.

The scriptures teach us that if we ask it shall be given. It mentions this many times throughout.

Sometimes I think Heavenly Father is just trying to teach me a (and the same one over and over) lesson. I’m such a strong independent person who thinks I can do things on my own. He gently reminds me that I can’t.

Yesterday I knew I had two choices.

1. I could freak out and allow these feeling to overtake me and just be a mess or
2. I could turn to Him and ask for help.

I choose 2, Sure enough my mind and heart were at peace and I was no longer feeling the way I had been. Did it just happen because I prayed and asked!? No, I had to do the things I knew would help. I believe we have to make more of an effort then just pray. I had to take action. I prayed all day. I listened to some talks from my church. I opened up my scriptures even though I REALLY didn’t want to. I don’t believe that we can merely pray and sit around and wait for Him to create a miracle. We must act and do our part and He will do His.

I know I can only get so far in life on my own. But with Him by my side helping me I can accomplish so much. I can do so much! I can be so much more.

I’ve learned that He will not help me against my will. I must humble myself and ask for His help.

Seems like such an easy thing to do but I believe most of us struggle with this. Why? Well, I’m not 100% sure but I think partly because we think we can do it on our own (like me) or maybe we think we shouldn’t go to such a powerful man with such silly request. I’m not sure, but I know if its important to me, it’s important to Him.

I believe there is nothing to silly or small to pray about and ask for help with. He loves us so very much. I always remind myself of this. I think about how much I love my kids and then I think about how much He must truly love me as His daughter.

I don’t just feel like a number to Him. I use to but not anymore. I know He knows me and wants to help me, but I must ask in faith and then take ACTION.

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