By: Tracey Ferrin, Moroni Channel
Humble Texas, USA


We all make mistakes and sometime we make a lot! Here’s the thing that I never realized. My mistakes are my assets. Say what!?

Yes. You read that right. I remember for a really long time trying my hardest to not make any mistakes, and if I did I would beat myself up and say things like, “You should of known better. Hello, why did you do that? Didn’t you see the warning signs? Maybe you don’t truly love God. Good luck coming back from that one. Well, what’s one more?”

​Totally neglecting to see how those very mistakes I would beat myself up for, I could benefit from.

Here’s the reason why.

When we make mistakes we can choose to gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Which is why we are here on this earth. To Grow, but it’s really hard to do that if we don’t make mistakes and learn from them.

So often we think that if we make a mistake we mustn’t be as faithful as we thought. Or maybe we don’t love God as much as we thought, because if we did, we wouldn’t have made that mistake.

Please understand me here. I am not saying we should go around on purpose making mistakes just to grow and learn but what I am saying is we are all human and instead of beating ourselves up, we should try to learn from them.

I make plenty of mistakes and for so long I beat myself up over them. But here’s the thing. Those mistakes make me so much stronger, wiser, and full of experience and I get to turn around and help others who are going through what I once was.

We don’t have to feel shame either. Should we be proud of our mistakes? No! But I also believe we don’t need to drop our head and live in shame over them. And this isn’t an excuse to make lots of mistakes and throw our hands up and call it life.

We need to see them for what they are. Mistakes are part of life. How we handle them is a choice. Allowing the guilt to fester within us is a choice.

Yes we should feel sorrow but not stay there. Satan would want us to stay in that. Why? Because it holds us back. It keeps us in guilt. It keeps us in shame. Which keeps us from moving forward.

Trying so hard not to make a mistake only stunts our growth and puts us in fear. Fear of doing anything, out of fear of making a mistake. So we end up remaining the same not moving forward in life. Almost frozen if you will.

So make your mistakes your assets. Allow them to help others and yourself. Don’t beat yourself up.

Acknowledge them, learn from them, figure out how you can avoid them next time, ask for forgiveness (from God, yourself, and others), and move on.

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