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Funfact: Did you know that the former secretary of Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI was converted in the LDS Faith? Sister Piera Bellaviti Schorr served as a secretary of the pope for 12 years.

As told by Sister Bellaviti herself:
One evening while riding a streetcar in Milan, I sat down next to two clean-cut young men. They struck up a conversation and I soon learned that they were two Mormon Missionaries, Elders Scott Blaser and David Maxwell. I knew next to nothing about the Mormons. The elders told me about the Book of Mormon and I asked them to bring me a copy. About two weeks later the elders brought the book to the convent.

I soon realized that if I join this church, I have to give up everything. I don't know if the Lord would really want me to do that because I have "everything" here in the convent. I have my job. I don't have money because I have taken the vow of poverty, but they take care of everything I need, even when I am sick. My security is here, and I am doing good. I am serving the Lord. But this book is true, and this is the true Church. I think I have to pray and ask the Lord what he wants me to do. "Do you really want me to go through thisto join this Mormon church?" I asked the Lord. And so I started praying and fasting, and after I prayed and fasted three days I felt strongly this is the true Church, and if I wanted to be happy I had to follow the truth.

I wrote a letter to the Mother General sharing my plans to join the LDS Church and leave the convent. After receiving the letter, the Mother General took the next train to Milan. She tried to convince me that psychiatric help was needed, or that I was possessed by the devil. I next wrote to the pope and asked him to release me from my vows. His reply was: "You have your free agency. It's your decision. I counsel you to pray again and fast, and then if you decide to stay where you are, everything is forgotten. Let me know what you are going to do."

So, I left the convent. I went to the railroad station to wait for Sister Davies who was coming from Venice. When she stepped from the train, right away she came to me because she recognized me immediately. I was standing with two elders, still dressed in my habit!

I was baptized in Milano on June 8, 1974. I will never forget the spirit I felt and the gratitude I felt toward my Father in Heaven. He had sent the missionaries and had given me the Book of Mormon. He gave me the courage to give up everything - to go against everybody, to follow the truth and join the Church.

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