By: Marcel Walden, Contributor
United Kingdom


I was less active for 16.5 years. I came back to church in 2015 and I quickly realized that leaving was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I did not receive the Priesthood in 1998 and on October 25th 2015 I was ordained to the office of Aaronic Priest. It has been a long road and a difficult one but through allowing the companionship of the Holy ghost, the constant support of my ward leaders & support of my closest friends I am not sure if I could of made it.I have recently been ordained to the Melkizedek as an Elder. Since then I have used the authority I now have on numerous occasions and I testify that the power of the Priesthood is most certainly real, it’s extremely powerful.

​The authority is 100% from Heavenly father. Yesterday I was training with my wrestling school and I had pulled muscles in between the top of my spine and my neck from landing incorrectly. Last night as I prepared for bed I got on my knees.

During prayer I begged Heavenly father through the authority of the Melkizedek Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ to take a way my pain as I cannot physically handle it.

I was so close to tears due to the level of pain. I went to sleep and when I woke I had thought it was time to get out of bed and get ready for work when to my amazement my neck no longer hurt. The pain was gone. I got down on my knees and prayed again, I thanked Heavenly father for healing me and I felt the Holy spirit like never before. It was so Strong that it made my entire body quiver like I had just taken a Russian Ice bath (If you have not had one before just imagine how it would feel).

This is the true church of Jesus Christ, re-established on the earth and I am absolutely blessed to be part of the church, In The Name Of Jesus Christ, Amen

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