By: Tracey Ferrin, MCH Contributor
Clear Lake City, Texas USA


We are at the pool as a family and Noah wanted to practice swimming in the deep end. He’s not a strong swimmer so he’s not allowed in the deep end unsupervised.

As he was swimming towards the shallow end, Ryan was off to the side encouraging him to keep going. Noah shouted, “I can’t!” Ryan said, “Yes you can, keep going!”

Noah said, ” I can’t do it!” Ryan reassured him once again that he could do it and to keep going.

Noah stopped swimming forward and started to doggy paddle in place for a min. Then he went under. As he went under he reached for Ryan and Ryan grabbed him. He held on tight to catch his breath for a moment before letting go and swimming to the shallow end where he could touch.

As I was watching this I swelled with pride as a mama watching her son do something hard and a wife of a man who is such an encourager of his children.

Then it got me thinking about life. How many times are we like Noah, swimming in the deep end of life? Not sure if we can make it. Telling ourselves we can’t go any further. And we hear our Heavenly Father say, yes you can, you keep trying, you keep moving, don’t you quit, don’t you give up.

Sometimes there comes a point in life that we are so emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted that we start to drown, we go under, we stop moving forward.

But right next to us is our Heavenly Father. Ready to help us if we reach out and ask. We can hold on to Him and catch our breath. Then once we feel strong enough, we keep going and before we know it we are out of the deep end with HIS help. We have made it through the struggle that we needed to grow into a stronger swimmer of life.

I know God is always there encouraging us. Telling us we can do hard things. We can make it. But He is also there if we ever just need to hold on tight so we don’t drown. It is ok at times to stop and catch our breath so we can keep moving forward.

We will all be asked to do hard things in life. These things will help us become stronger swimmers of life and He is always there waiting and willing to help.

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