By: ​Tracey Ferrin, Moroni Channel Contributor
Clear Lake City, Texas USA


Crazy to think that’s who I was so many years ago. Just a girl who was lost in such a big world. I fought my way into the person I am today. I wouldn’t trade my struggles for anything. It’s because of those struggles that I am who I am today. Those struggles are mine and they have helped shape me.

But now, I know my worth. I am happily married I don’t have any health issues. I own my own business. I am a group fitness instructor. I love life. I am full of gratitude. I am a mom of . I am positive, I survived cancer! I have a good attitude. I no longer feel out of control or lost. The thing that never changed through it all is I am always a daughter of God. And my worth has always been the same. No matter how tough life was, that never changed. His love for me has always been there no matter what choices I made.

Is it easy to overcome our issues, struggles, past? No, but we can do it!!! Some days it will feel like we are fighting for our lives. And we are! We are fighting to become that person God wants us to be. We are fighting to become the person our children and spouse deserve. We are fighting to become the person WE deserve.

I know there are people who had written me off. Who thought I wouldn’t amount to much. And honestly I don’t blame them, I had written myself off too and didn’t think I would amount to much either. How wrong was I?

If you are struggling right now know your worth is as much as someone who isn’t. Your worth is not based on how you look, what choices you make, how much money you have in your bank account, what kind of car you drive, how big your house is, or even what you think about yourself. Your worth is so much more than that! Your worth comes from being a child of God. My journey to becoming who I truly was meant to be started with letting God back into my life. Then it went on to taking care of myself physically. Now I am working on my mind. 

This is why I talk so much about the spirit, body and mind. These have been key to MY success in life. But I know and believe that those three things do help others as well.

Know your worth. You are a child of God! Never Give up 

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