By: Romrik Joshua Flores, Moroni Channel
The Republic Of The Philippines

A youth in Canada searched 300 names for temple work after accepting a friendly competition to search out 400 family names, including ancestors' siblings and cousins, and take them to the temple.

Hanna's ward in Raymond, Alberta had a contest between the YW and YM that whichever group got the least names had to make dinner for the winners.

​"I realized I really, really liked it and got into it," Hanna said.

​Having completed baptisms and confirmations for around 100 names during youth temple trips, Hanna and several family-members had a special temple day last month to do baptisms for the other 300 names. She is now turning the cards over to adult family- and ward-members to complete the rest of the temple work, including many sealings to parents and spouses.

Her family and Young Women leaders have encouraged Hanna throughout her work to reach her goals. Hanna feels greatly blessed through being committed to doing family history work. "There's been a couple trials I've gone through since I've started really getting into it and I have felt like I have a lot strength and love and support from people I've done work for," she said. "I've just learned to have a more eternal perspective and to recognize the spirit and strength I can have during hard times."

Hanna has already completed her Personal Progress, and is using the work towards earning her Honour Bee Award.

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