By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
​Kentucky, USA
Our first love is to love The Lord our God, and not its opposite, whereby we love oneself in a selfish, self gratifying way. Our second love is to love our neighbor, and not its opposite, whereby we love the things of this world and therefore take advantage of our neighbor, and therefore covet and rob him of his possessions, both temporal and spiritual. To take away ones spiritual things is to me a more dangerous plot. To attempt to take away a persons good works of charity and their truths of faith of righteousness, destroying another’s testimony, is both alarming and perilous. To the degree this attempt is made, to the same degree charity and faith will be taken away from that person. It is great to add or enhance ones spiritual life, but not to deflect, suffocate, or subtract from it. ​

Love is liken unto the spring, where everything is anew, warm, grows, and then buds, and blossoms to fruition. Self love, or love of the world is liken unto the winter, cold, torpid, with very little growth, with even sometimes a dying. Love will vivify the soul and the souls of others. Self love with its pride deadens the relationships of all. Love knows no ill will and purifies the heart rendering it clean and pure. Love is as the sun with its heat of fire, that then shines on all mankind with its warm penetration causing germination and then proliferation. God is love wherefore this love flows from him to all his children. Gods love knows no bounds, and He is willing to give to all.As the sun heats upon a dead carcass, it will then spoil, decay, and destroy it, yet if it shines on life, it enlivens and quickens. So it is with us, if we receive of the Lords love it will quicken, and vivify us, yet were we to reject His love we would deaden our spirits, possibly causing spiritual death. It therefore depends, all on the receptor, for either he will receive of Gods love or he will reject Gods love, as he rejects this loves, he does so by perverting it or by changing it in to something foul even to suffocating this love and then to finally extinguishing it. Let us be favorable receptors not only receiving the things of God but also the warmth of love that comes these things. We will see that something beautiful and delightful will blossom within bringing joy and gladness to our heart and mind. ​

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