The casting office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now looking for actors ages 5 – 18 years old for an upcoming video series about the Primary and Youth Program.

The new series will feature children and youth in several settings at school, home, and at activities. The casting office requires applicants to be temple-worthy members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are French-speaking Africans and South Asians.

Shooting for the series will be held mid-July if situations allow. The actors will be paid $350 with 10% agency fee if applicable.

The casting office provided the following information on how to apply.


A current photo of yourself is required in the application. The office prefers digital snapshots or photos taken from your smartphone.

  • Include one photo of your family, if other members of the family are applying.
  • Photos should be well-lit and framed so we can see everyone’s faces without obstructing accessories like sunglasses or hats.

STEP TWO: RECORD YOUR AUDITION – for speaking roles only

Record a brief video in French, Cambodian, or Vietnamese performing the following lines while directly looking at the camera. Start with your name:

Hey, mom! I want to tell you about something. It’s somewhere we can go together. It’s a place that’s all around the world – and it’s in our neighborhood too!

Remember the things you’ve taught me? About having good values and making the right choices? This is a place where I can make friends and learn more about how to live my life. And you can meet other moms there too!”

(Directors Note: read it as though you’re telling a friend about your favorite TV show in a normal conversation – not overselling it, but with real enthusiasm.)

After you finish recording upload the video to a file-sharing site such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or etc. Share the uploaded link to the casting office.



Fill out the application found here:
There will be a field to enter the saved link to your audition video.


Log in to our website with your Church Account username and password. Each individual needs to have their own profile using their own Church Account. Please note that a parent profile must be separate from a minor’s profile. A parent/guardian will need to use their account to approve the minor’s account.

Find the project called “Primary and Youth at Church Videos” and click the “Apply” button. There will be a place for you to add new photos and a place for you to add the link to your audition video.

The deadline for the audition will be on July 1, 2020. Additional information regarding the actual date for the shoot date and place will be provided by the casting office as soon as it is available.


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Josh Flores is a writer for Moroni Channel. He studies commercial law at De La Salle University and served his mission in Japan.
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