The new Marriott Center Annex has been a game changer for the men’s and women’s BYU basketball teams this summer.

The Marriott Center Annex is located between the Marriott Center and the BYU Broadcast building. It was completed and unveiled to the public this past February.

The 38,000-square-foot building was funded completely through private donations. Some of the annex’s features include a strength and conditioning center, a training room with a cryosauna and hydrotherapy, an exact replica of the Marriott Center court, two additional shooting areas and team lounges.

Tim LaComb, assistant head coach for the men’s team, acknowledged the difference the new annex has made for his team.

“It’s been a huge plus for us,” LaComb said. “We basically have that thing all day every day.”

In previous years, the basketball teams practiced at the Marriott Center or the Richards Building.

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