A 15-year old latter-day saint was found dead after being stabbed-to-death by a group of teenagers. The officials reported that it was believed that Solo, 15, was defending his friends when he was approached by 8 to 10 men and was killed at 4 pm outside the Church premises.

Instead of showing anger to his son’s killers, Solo’s father displayed an incredible christlike decision: he forgave them. His action showed the teachings of Jesus Christ in action. While it might be hard for other parents to do the same, he still chooses to forgive—just like what the Savior did to those who crucified Him.

“Everyone dies in a different situation,” Solo’s father told the Age. “Heavenly father needed my son to come back. We don’t know who is their family but we love them … the parents don’t teach bad things to the children. It’s their children’s choice.”

He said: “We don’t want any justice.”

Other close friends and loved ones of Solo expressed their anguish at the scene and on social media.

Another relative of Solo said, “Retaliation is not a must. Solomone Taufeulungaki you were a blessing and I am so glad to have met you.”

Solo was loved by his family and friends and is often described as a good kid and a church kid. His father feels that the spirit of his son will join them at church or wherever they may be. He said, “I believe that maybe every Sunday his spirit will join with us in this true church every Sunday.”

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Josh Flores is a writer for Moroni Channel. He studies commercial law at De La Salle University and served his mission in Japan.
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