By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
United States of America


Pushing, Pulling and Praying, Bound for Zion, by E. Kimball Warren
As the Kingdom of Heaven comes down to conjoin with the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the the City of Enoch joins to teach us it’s new ways, we will then finally be given our longing breaths of joys, peace, and tranquility.
We shall soar on the wings of eagles atop the high mountains, surveying the green hills, and the wide valleys below. The glory of God shall shine, even through darken clouds to enlighten our souls, and to quicken our understanding.Zion shall come forth, and goodness and righteous shall prevail. Their children shall roam freely, and shall not be dispersed, as the young lion shall lay by the innocent lamb. No harm or injury shall befall. The innocent ones shall look to The Lord, and he shall comfort them, and nourish them, and they shall eat of the plenty, the manna from heaven, and drink of the clean living waters, so as to be satiated and quenched. We shall no longer bend, falter, or fall in the darkness of the chilled, blacken night.

We His children shall have joy of the heart, and gladness of the mind, as purity and virtue shall abound in abundance. Therefore we shall dwell in love, harmony and safety, and tarry in the knowledges of the truths of the gospel, as Zion shall triumph over all their enemies and all their foes.

The afflicted and the wounded, and the poor and the needy shall be healed, fed, and given of the living waters of life, nevermore to hunger and to thirst. Their sorrows and sufferings, their pains and afflictions, shall all be overcome, having been bought with the price of our Savior’s great love and of his great sacrifice.

Standing, we shall stand tall in the narrow path, gazing at that tree of life. We shall then partake of its precious white fruit, and therefore be in the presence of our beloved Lord, God. All hope, glory, and assurance, even the love of God shall endure within our beating hearts. With outreaching hands The Lord will uplift and encourage, and he shall right all wrongs and injustices, therefore His children will feel of his mercy and of His grace. Their tears will be wiped clean, and their gratitude will be acknowledged, on bended humble knees, as we shall inherit and become his righteous sons and his beautiful fair daughters;

Oh, the children of Zion. The Almighty through His infinite atonement, shall conquered all of the filthy hell, and it shall descend to the dark below, and we shall dwell in safety, righteousness, and truth forevermore. We shall become Priests and Priestesses, Kings and Queens and we shall inherit the golden mansions, in the Celestial realms above. Amen and amen!

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Dr. Don W. Bowman

Dr. Don Bowman is a Dentist with more than 38 Years of experience planning, developing, implementing and practicing Dentistry. He had all the skills to operate a large practice of Dentistry including, accounting, marketing and the handling of the employees. He served in the navy for Two Years. He won awards in marketing for yellow page add and radio add. Married to a lovely wife for 43 years and have 7 Children and 35 Grand Children. He also served as a Bishop, a high counselor, an Elder’s quorum president and a Stake Mission President. ​
DMD, Dentistry
University of Louisville – Louisville, KY
Minor in French and was trained in orthodontics in Columbus Ohio.

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