By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Published: Wednesday, April 27 2016; 6:47 p.m. DMT


The elder son becomes angry when he learns of his younger brother returning and the celebration for his return.


Does or when anger flows down from the celestial heavens does it turn from something mild and gentle to something more harsh and austere?
To be Indignant can appear as anger on the outside but as it flows in more within, to the inmost man, it turns into to a certain sadness, a celestial sadness of injustice, wishing it were not so, a wanting to amend, showing up as a certain zeal. Example Christ chastening the Pharasies. Then, there is just plain anger wanting to hurt, injure, or do malice or harm to another, a wanting to belittle or scold from pride, a love of self, and of ones own intelligence. The zeal of good anger wants to amend but anger itself wants to punish, scold, and sometimes destroy.
Again the statement “to be kindle with anger”, that is found in the scriptures many times, is that this so called anger, which is more mild and gentle in the heavens, is such then as it flows down from heaven becomes more harsh and austere, and when it arrives into this natural world it appears as real anger, and that one is really upset, and that punishment is to be then afflicted. The scriptures are written for the apprehension of the natural man, or this corporeal world, and therefore is in appearances of this world, yet in the celestial world it is more mild and gentle, and actually turns into an heavenly affection which is again a certain sadness that it is so, or it is merely a certain obscure feeling, that breaks in on the celestial delight of those in heaven, on account of something not good and true in another. The anger is really from those who turn away from God, and are actually angry and have malice at The Lord.
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