By: Romrik Joshua Flores, Moroni Channel
The Republic of The Philippines

Thou Art Always Be My Zion
By: Romrik Joshua Flores

Fear not, I will always be at thy side,
To do my duty to protect thine heart,
Be not afraid for I will always guide,
I will never let our love be depart.

I will be there in every condition
To aid thy wounds and always strengthen thee,
To take care of thine heart is my passion
For our love will be as vast as the sea.

Thou inspires me to give my very best,
To have courage to stand for what is right,
For thine happiness is my constant quest,
To behold thy smiles is a great delight.

I will seek Ye in every horizon,
For art thou always be my Zion….

​This is one of the first Shakespearean Sonnets that I have written; The sonnet shows undying love of our Heavenly Father to every member of the church, The poem is dedicated to our Father in Heaven who Invites all of His sheep’s that are lost to come back to Him. As gratitude for His endless Love, we too must “Invite All To Come Unto Christ;” For them to know the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Invite your friends, Family Members, Classmates, Neighbors, and even your enemies to church this coming Sunday. With the help of every member of the church we can rebuild the city of Zion.

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Romrik Joshua Flores

Romrik Joshua Flores is a 15 years old Instagramer from the Philippines who captures things that most of us think is un-useful. Most of his pictures are taken in the Philippines. He desires to Defend and Share the Gospel through the Internet. He is also an Administrator of Lindsey Stirling, Moroni Channel, and Words of Moroni. He is currently serving as The Teacher’s Quorum President. ​
​​High School Student
Theresian School of Cavite – Bacoor CAV

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