By: Mormon Newsroom UK
London, UK

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wales held a highly successful appeal in support of the charity ‘Welsh Women's Aid’ at the Merthyr Tydfil Wales Stake Centre.  Church members from the South Wales area were joined by people of other faith communities where they received and sorted 1,414 food items, 288 toiletry items and 947 clothing items - a grand total of 2,649 donated items.

President Govier (Merthyr Tydfil Wales Stake President) was delighted with the response and said, "We have no precise idea of the total cost of donations, but just thinking about the almost thousand pieces of brand new clothing demonstrates how amazing and generous people have been. We will now distribute the clothing, food and toiletries to women's refuges to help alleviate the distress of vulnerable women and children who seek safety and refuge from all kinds of violence and abuse."

Lynne Sanders, Director of Welsh Women's Aid in Swansea, expressed her gratitude by saying, "The appeal and inventory of donated items is so impressive and please accept my sincere thanks to all the people who donated.”

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