Latter-day Saint YouTuber and musician, Alex Boye, shared his thoughts on social media after protests in Utah for George Floyd’s death became violent.

The singing sensation asked the people that the protest “must be peaceful” as the central message and purpose of it is “shifting”.

“Protesting has always happened. I see no problem with protesting; but it MUST be peaceful. It NEEDS to be peaceful here in Utah. The message is shifting,” he said. ” Something tells me there are people at the protest who are capitalizing from this to appease their own agenda. They don’t care about the real cause, and never did. I’m seeing symbols being sprayed on the Capitol that are racist in nature, and violence coming from people who’s intention have nothing to do with showing support or paying respects to George Floyd’s murder. But guess who’s getting the blame for it?”

People went on the streets after George Floyd was brutality murdered in an arrest by policemen. The man had repeatedly shouted “I can’t breath” but the Minneapolis policeman, who was later charged with third-degree murder, continued to kneel on his neck. This sparked worldwide outcry and protests nationwide soon followed.

“Destroying and defacing property is not the way. In the last few days it felt like major strides were being made. I personally read hundreds of posts from the white community giving words of kindness, commiserations (some even moved me to tears because of the true sincerity you could feel from those words) they were also expressing their absolute disgust at what happened to a black man in volumes that I had never seen before. But now, we’ve gone backwards,” the singer said. “It’s not about George Floyd anymore. By nightfall things will start becoming even more violent and that which will be done in the dark will be done by those who never came to support Floyd in the first place. But guess who will get the blame?” he concluded.

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Josh Flores is a writer for Moroni Channel. He studies commercial law at De La Salle University and served his mission in Japan.
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