A 17-year-old, latter-day Saint teenager based in Singapore went viral after gaining international attention for her response to the viral “luxury bag” video.

A lot of people defended the teenager and that includes her bishop.

“I know Donny, his wife Gretchen, and his daughter Zoe,” said Bishop Osumo.

“I am not surprise on how Zoe handles the situation. She was raised in a Latter-Day Saints family, love by many of members of the Church and has learned well ‘Her Strength of the Youth and Young Women Values.'”

“As part of my Priesthood responsibilities, I interviewed this family many times. Said my wishes to Donny last Sunday for his new responsibilities in the construction/maintenance of Bacolod, Philippines Temple. We will surely miss their company but they will be a big blessing to the Bacolod Saints”, the Bishop added.

He then continues defending Zoe by telling that a father’s love is priceless.

“As a father myself, I would say, “no one can break the love of the father for his children, nor you try to separate the Mother’s love to her children—for it is sacred. Not by $80 worth of money.”

“We were taught to cultivate qualities of kindness, courtesy, and respect for others. I believe, enduring joy comes neither from amassing material wealth nor from doing reportable deeds. I am saying it from my own humble and poor beginning in the slum area of Iloilo City. Happiness, fulfillment, and joy are not always about money. I learned that it is about LOVE. Love God and love your neighbors as yourself—are two great commandments given in order us to find joy in this life and the life to come,” the Bishop concluded.

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