Brigham Young University – Hawaii has joined the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) North American Collegiate Pilot Program and will be hosting an esports tournament on campus in early May, according to a press release by Mobile Legends. This is exciting news for esports fans as more colleges and universities embrace the competitive gaming trend.

Esports has been steadily gaining popularity and recognition as a legitimate sport, with colleges and universities across North America introducing esports programs to their athletic departments. The MLBB Collegiate Pilot Program is an initiative designed to promote esports among college students, foster a competitive environment for gamers, and develop the next generation of esports professionals.

Brigham Young University – Hawaii is one of the first schools to join the program, and they are excited to host their very own esports tournament. The event is expected to draw a large crowd of students, gamers, and esports enthusiasts, showcasing the growing interest in competitive gaming. The MLBB tournament will feature some of the best players in the region, who will compete against each other for the grand prize.

As more schools join the MLBB Collegiate Pilot Program, we can expect to see even more exciting esports tournaments and events taking place across North America. The program is a fantastic opportunity for colleges and universities to showcase their esports programs and for students to compete against each other at the highest level.

Esports is gaining momentum and legitimacy, and it’s clear that the future of competitive gaming is bright. Stay tuned for more updates and news from the MLBB Collegiate Pilot Program as they work towards promoting esports as a legitimate sport across North America.

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