As COVID-19 conditions improve in some areas, the Church is planning to resume on-site missionary training for new missionaries. This procedure was suspended in 2014.

Beginning in June 2021, the three centers will host missionaries for training on location. These dates will be evaluated weekly and will be adjusted based on local conditions and guidelines.

As on-site MTC training resumes, the following guidelines will apply to missionaries invited to train on-site:

  • A negative COVID-19 test will be required prior to arriving at an MTC, and COVID tests will be administered to any missionary who exhibits symptoms during their MTC training.
  • Initially, only missionaries from the United States who will not be learning a new language will receive their training on-site at the Provo MTC. As conditions continue to improve, invitations for missionaries to receive training at the Provo MTC will expand.
  • As a temporary precaution, only missionaries who are fully vaccinated will be eligible to train at the Provo MTC, starting with approximately 150 to 250 new missionaries each week.
  • MTCs outside the United States will welcome only local missionaries and will operate at a capacity of approximately 50 missionaries in each location. For a time, missionaries from the United States will not train at these MTCs.
  • Missionaries and local leaders will be contacted directly if they will be invited to have an on-site MTC experience. Unless otherwise contacted, new missionaries will continue with online training.
  • All missionary training centers have remained operational during the pandemic by providing online training. MTCs in other areas of the world will resume on-site training as conditions allow.
  • The numbers of on-site missionaries will expand gradually as COVID-19 conditions continue to improve.

Most new missionaries will start their training at home and then transfer to an MTC for the rest of their training. This method will allow them to continue experiencing many of the positive aspects of online training.

This training will be held on-site at a designated location. It is designed to provide new missionaries with an environment that is safe and comfortable.

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