Answered by: Dean West, Moroni Channel Response Team
​Published: Saturday, April 23 2016; 6:17 a.m. DMT


QuestionHi I’m from The Philippines and I would like to ask the response team “What will happen to the world if there is no Gospel?” Best regards from my Country.



Hello Elma,

I would like to answer your question “If there is no Gospel, what will happen to the world?”

The world would lose the most powerful testimony of the truth of the Atonement – the Book of Mormon! And without this testament, man must remain further from his Heavenly Father than he should be, and not learn of what he needs to do to grow and progress towards returning home to the Celestial Kingdom! As we learn in 3 Nephi 27:16, Jesus has promised that if we live the gospel faithfully, he will stand with us come Judgment Day! We also know that the gospel contains Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness! Without it, the world would be a sadder and darker and more difficult place! So for our happiness now, here on Earth, and our future eternal happiness with our Father in Heaven, the world definitely needs the Gospel!

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