Answered by: W Stephen Svedin, Moroni Channel Response Team
Published: Friday, May 07 2016; 12:27 a.m. DMT
​United States of America


QuestionWhy do I need to wait until I’m 16 to date?​Jake


Hello Jake,

Jake it has been 50 years since I was 16, I suspect that you are younger than 16 and think waiting to date is Old Fashioned like me. At 66 I am very Old Fashioned. But I also have raised four sons and watch 5 little brothers grow up and I can tell you that waiting till you are 16 or 17 to “single date” is a very good idea. I know that you feel like an adult now but I promise that is because you have never been an adult to know what it really feels like. If you start acting like you are 16 or 17 when you are 14 or 15 by the time you are 18 you will want to act like you are 20 or 21 and being an old married man and that is not good for your future. May I suggest that you do what me and my friends did so long ago. Go out on group dates, no less than 3 couples, we found out that the more there the more fun we had. Right now is the time to meet as many young ladies as possible, most of those young ladies are going to end up being like your little sister and want your help. Others will end up like your big sister and just want to give you orders. (I am assuming that you have sisters of course) I can tell you that if you focus your life on making you, the best you, you can be, learn to work, learn how to talk and act around very educated people, learn to make good decisions and how to plan ahead when you meat “Miss Right for You” you won’t have to trick her into wanting to be with you. If you have a grandpa that you can talk to, ask him, he will help you understand. If no grandpa is close by go talk to the High Priest Group Leader in your ward. He will surprise you. Life will not end if you do not start single dating when you are 16, I promise.

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