Answered by: W Stephen Svedin, Moroni Channel Response Team
Published: Tuesday, April 26 2016; 1:19 a.m. DMT


An elderly couple looking at each other while sitting on a bench in a park in Romania.
QuestionI am a single mother and I am so confused I have been told if I do not get married here on earth I receive a husband in heaven but how can I when there is no marriage heaven and can my daughter be sealed to me without a a husband please help me with this to understand more please.

​Mary, from Scotland, U.K


Good Morning Mary,

Mary I would like to clear up what I see as a misconception you seem to have. You are right that there is no marriage (the ceremony binding a man and a woman as Husband and Wife) in heaven, that must take place on earth. but do not lose hope, if for some reason you can not find a man who you can love in this life you will be able to find one in the next and the sealing can be done for you, both your husband and your daughter can be sealed to you and you to them. I hope that helps clear your question up if not please ask again.

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