One of the leading casts of the animated hit-film Encanto appeared at the kick-off event sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has since been a tradition of the Church, since the initial  launch of Light the World, to dot the world with giving machines.

Adassa, who is singing voice of Dolores, graced the event with her notable voice. “To be able to be here and kick this off means so much to me. … To share my gift [of music] with the world and be here in Salt Lake. It’s just so lovely,” Adassa told LDS Living. “I’ve seen the relief that somebody can give when they share their light with you, and I think that is the same kind of relief we get to offer on a massive worldwide level with these Giving Machines.”

Adassa was baptized in the Church as a young adult and was sealed with his husband Gabriel in the Mesa, Arizona Temple.

“The Giving Machines and lighting the world in this way shows your children that there are fun ways that we can inspire and help others. … Because sometimes they get caught up in the fads and everything and they lose the ability to inspire; to not just jump on a trend, but to be able to really inspire and change the world in a positive way. And it shows your children that you can do it, regardless, if you have $5 or $20, or even just giving up your time to help others. That [giving] will make such a change in our children and future generations,” she says.

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