Answered by: Dean West, Moroni Channel Response Team
United States of America
QuestionHello Moroni Channel. I am a Member of The Church from the Philippines and I would like to ask “As a member of the church how can we set a Good Example to others?”Anarose, Negros Ocidental, Philippines

Answer​”When setting a good example it is always about what we can do, never what we can say! And we must take covenant keeping as the base, and strive to magnify our example, the same way we’re encouraged to magnify our callings.

Are we doing all the things we should – our home teaching, our family history? Wonderful! But are we reaching out to our neighbors and our workmates?

Our we actively looking for opportunities to make life better for everyone around us? Do we go out of our way? Are we a listening ear, a sympathetic shoulder, a helping hand?

​Look to Christ. Strive after His incredible example! We will fall short, of course, but just the striving after that will aid us!”

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